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About Me

Colleen Greenhalgh


Colleen has been working with Special Population for 14 years and has been practicing holistic health for 21 years.  Colleen believes that the mind and body are connected and that taking care of both are essential for overall wellness and health. She has worked in several country clubs including Boca West and Broken Sound and has a heart to help and serve her community.

Colleen graduated FAU with a degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion then continued her education each year taking courses and several certifications. She believes that one must always be a good student to be a good teacher. 

Colleen's certifications include NASM-CES, SFE, PES

PIliates Institute of America

Arthritis Foundation

Yoga Alliance 500 hours

POUND Fitness

Sara Meeks Osteoporosis 

MS Fitness and Wellness Specialist

Active Isolated Stretching



Plant Based Nutrition- University of Cornell

Colleen is dedicated to her craft and would love to share her love and passion with all she works with.

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