A Boxing Conditioning Class

boxing pic c1.jpg

Everything you need in one class where you are part of a community.

This is a non-impact total body workout that includes:

  • Strength Training

  • Endurance

  • Flexabilty

  • Memory 

  • Balance

  • Agility

  • Coordination

  • Quality of everyday living

  • Sense of well-being

  • Joy and so much more!

This class uses boxing training techniques such as:

  • Speed bag drills

  • Heavy Bag drills

  • Agility equipment

  • Cardio drills: walking, running, foot patterns, jump rope

  • Combinations and games for memor

  • Overall comradely of being in a team like setting

This class is broken up in to class levels based on prior conditioning.

Please call us up for an evaluation and an initial meet and greet.